Griffonwood LLC is a Website Design company, based in South Paris, Maine. Providing website hosting and design services that put you in the drivers seat.
With a password protected administration page, you can change the content of your website whenever you want.

What is Website Hosting?

Your website needs a place to reside or call home, like a house or an apartment. Hosting is like renting a house or apartment for your website.
Websites are computer files that need to reside on a computer that is always on, always connected to the internet.
The Web Server is designed to store websites and present them when someone request it.

What is the Domain Name? 

Like your house or apartment, your website needs an address.
When you register a domain name such as, this becomes the address for your website. 

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name Servers) are similar the post office. They keep track of the domain names and what Hosting server they reside on. When a request for your website comes in, the Name Server points it to the Hosting Server that your website resides on,
then the Hosting Server presents the website for viewing.